Office Furniture & Equipment Decommissioning

Moving or leaving an office space requires more than the physical shifting of furniture from one space to another. Decommissioning an office takes time, organization, and knowledge of equipment disassembly. When you lease an office space, your contract will have specific regulations on how the space must be left when you leave it. Normally, the term used is “broom swept”. Sounds simple enough, but broom swept doesn’t mean running a broom across the floor and tossing out the dust. It means leaving the space you are renting as you leased it, deep cleaning aside. In other words, you don’t need to scrub ceilings and base boards, but you need to ensure the removal of:

What Is Involved in an Office Decommission?

Decommissioning an office sounds like a simple move, but there are many bells and whistles to consider. Michaels Global Trading takes on the complicated task of breaking down your office space and removing all the items inside, so you can focus on running the business, and managing your new work site.

As we begin the decommissioning process, many clients wonder what our role entails. Some of the steps we take on in a decommissioning include:

  • Appraisal of furniture and equipment for potential resale/liquidation
  • Disassembly of furnishings and shelving
  • Disconnecting electrical hookups
  • Removing office supplies, furnishings, décor, and electronics
  • Unwiring networks, servers, IT equipment
  • Sorting and organizing items for resale, recycling, and donation
  • Delivery of furnishings appropriate facilities and sorting centers
  • Clearing debris, garbage, and remaining wiring